A few days ago I’ve got this review from one of Lazuli’s homeowners:

“I would like to share my experience of buying apartment in Lazuli, and express my gratitude to Mila and Karim. First time I knew about the project on Russian marketplaces. I talked to several realtors. But after that I had to refuse the idea of buying in the project as it was a lot of inaccuracies and discrepancies in the information they provided. But then I’ve found Mila’s Instagram page and asked her about Lazuli

It immediately became clear that the person knew what she was talking about. There were no inconsistencies or other controversial issues. It gave me a reason to trust Mila and REKAZ in general. Throughout our difficult deal, Mila and Karim helped me solve problems and provided all the necessary information. They were very polite and responsive. Thanks to their approach and professionalism I made a decision to buy a unit in Lazuli I congratulate REKAZ for having such specialists as Karim and Mila in their team. And I wish them further success in sales and construction of Lazuli residential complex”

~ Andrey Stepanov