You are planning to buy a property in Egypt, but you have no time or wish to come to finalize the deal. No problem. Online purchase of real estate in Egypt is a common practice. It has a clear, easy and fast scheme. Let’s see how it’s working

Before the contracting I strongly recommend to find a good lawyer who will meet the owner of the unit or representers of the developing company to review the legal papers for the property and selling contract. When you are sure that papers are totally fine, it’s time to procced on the property.

All the steps of buying real estate online I will explain on the example of our project in Hurghada – Lazuli

The process is as following:

  • Choose your unit. To help our customers to get better idea of what they are planning to invest in, I always make online presentation of the project. It can be a video call, or I prepare a video with all the details that are interesting to the client
  • Reservation payment in the amount of 30,000 EGP \ 1,000 Euro \ 1,000 USD \ 1,000 GBP is being sent by bank account. From my experience, most of the developers require approximately the same amount. Our company REKAZ Developments has bank accounts in all the currencies mentioned above for the customers convenience
  • Contract preparation. After the reservation payment arrived to the company bank account (it takes 4 days maximum) the contract preparation began. The company has two weeks to get the contract ready, but normally it takes even less than one week
  • Down-payment. As soon as the contract is ready it’s being sent to the client by email to have a final review. Then the client prints it, signs it and sends down-payment to the company bank account. Signed contract should be sent to the company post address by any of available express mails – DHL, UPS, Aramex and so on
  • Contract finalizing. After the down-payment arrived to the company bank account, CEO of the company signs the contract. Signed copy of the client is being sent to him by express mail

That’s it. This scheme is working for most of the countries whose citizens are buying real estate in Egypt. Unfortunately, it’s not working for Russia and Ukraine due to current situation

For more information about purchasing real estate in distance, please, contact me