“I want to buy a property in Hurghada as investment, but I don’t live there. How can I manage my property in distance?”

Such type of investment scheme is extremely popular in Egypt. The investors are buying houses here, but they never come or spend only few weeks or months in Egypt

So, how do they rent properties and maintain them in a proper condition? There are three options

First, the owner can find a person in Hurghada who will take care of the property and will arrange check ins and outs. In this case, the owner can get the tenants by himself/herself, or delegate it to trusted person 

Second, the owner can make an agreement with one of real estate agencies of Hurghada to rent the property. The agency will take care of getting tenants, check ins and outs, will clean it after each client, and will repair the furniture and appliances if it’s necessary

Third, property management service in residential complex, where the owner has a property. Most of modern projects in Hurghada provide their homeowners with such kind of service. Normally, it includes getting tenants, concierge service, check ins and outs, housekeeping, maintenance of the unit. I consider this option the most convenient one, as it’s related to the compound or building’s management who is always at the place and aware of the situation in the property

In Lazuli we will definitely offer property management service, that will include not only the housekeeping for apartments, but also gardening and swimming pools cleaning services

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