Hurghada is growing incredibly fast. Every year more and more new developments appear on the real estate map of Hurghada. It means that demand on the Red Sea properties from local and foreign customers is increasing. Below I featured 3 reasons, why Hurghada is a popular destination for foreign real estate investments

First of all, foreigners have the same rights as Egyptians when it comes to buying, selling, renting, and inheriting the real estate. It means 100% ownership for the property and land

Secondly, climate conditions. Egypt has hot weather on summer time, and warm on winter. It means tourism season is lasting all the year round. Moreover, since many years Hurghada is not just a touristic city. A lot of foreign residents live and work here owning or renting properties

Thirdly, it can be a good extra income. As you can rent your apartment when you are not in Hurghada. It can bring up to 15% of the total unit price revenue per year

In our project Lazuli we offer units with gardens and rooftop terraces. Until now it’s a unique project on Hurghada real estate market. Contact me to get all the information about Lazuli