In REKAZ we first of all think about our client’s comfort and return on their investments. Our task is to create a unique project – comfortable for life, and profitable for investment

So, what makes our project Lazuli to stand out from numerous residential complexes in Hurghada?

Firstly, concept. Private outdoor areas even for small apartments. In Lazuli portfolio we have one- and two-bedroom apartments with private gardens and option to install a swimming pool. Or units with private rooftop terraces with a jacuzzi. Idea of adding outdoor areas to the units definitely gives a feeling of standalone house

And, by the way, Lazuli offers gardens on the ground and on the first floors. Yes, yes! On the ground and on the first floors!

Secondly, design. “I haven’t seen anything like that in Hurghada!” It’s exactly what we used to hear from our customers and partners during the project orientation when it comes to finishing standards. In such cases, I say “Mindset of the company management matters” Our CEO Eng. Tamer Bakeer is always in search for the best modern solution in construction and design

Moreover, REKAZ is forward integration from DARA Architect. It’s 20 years’ experienced company for design, architecture, and engineering on Cairo market. Portfolio of DARA includes around 200 residential, commercial, and social projects! 

Thirdly, location. South of Hurghada. The plot of land between Senzo Mall and Sahl Hasheesh, exactly on the road leading to the second gate of Sahl Hasheesh

For now, it’s a desert. But it’s for now. And it’s the best time to start investing there as it has a great potential. South is the only area where Hurghada can grow as the north is occupied with Al Aheya and then it abuts to El Gouna

Moreover, south is a side of the best beaches of Hurghada and high-class destinations. Sahl Hasheesh, Makadi, Somabay… Agree?

It takes only 12 min driving from Lazuli to Sahl Hasheesh sea front promenade

Lazuli is not represented by a number of buildings or apartments. It’s represented by innovative ideas and desire to provide the residents of the complex with everything needed in the modern life. Even if it comes to co-working space